10686968_10152575683847669_7989648502458018849_nThe SCC Ambassador Program is an honorary group of students who have been nominated for selection based on their academic performance. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA to be eligible. The process for selection includes an application process, interviews and letters of recommendation from SCC faculty and staff. If selected, the students receive a financial stipend for their participation in the pro11219666_10153308832882669_1732712583578131143_ngram.

The Ambassador Program has been active at SCC since 1989 and its focus is on enhancing student leadership. Ambassadors provide a variety of services on campus and in the community.

They serve as tour guides on campus, assist with registration and orientation, welcome groups to campus and assist at community events.

Natalie Rackley serves as the advisor.

2018-2019 SCC Ambassador Application


Natalie Rackley

Division Chair of Public Service Programs/Child Development Center Director/Early Childhood Instructor

(910) 788-6361

Cartrette Building, room 142