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The Wyche Gallery, located upstairs in A Building, features work by local and regional artists. It offers an educational opportunity to our students and community through exhibitions, visiting artist lectures, and artist workshops. New exhibits are on view every six weeks during the Spring and Fall semesters. The Student Art Show, held each April, features work created by students in the studio courses during the academic year. Funding for the gallery is provided by the SCC Foundation.


Tiffanney Pearson

Artist Reception: March 14, 5:30-7:30p.m.

From the artist:

Tiffanney Pearson is a native of Childersburg, Alabama. At age 3 she became curious about nature and started chasing rabbits and squirrels. By age 5, she learned how to swim and at that point became a true lover of water, which brought her freedom. If you take note of her photography, that same love for water is prevalent today as seen in her beautiful waterfalls and other types of waterscape images.

Tiffanney’s interest in photography developed initially with film. Many years ago, when she used to take film to a store to get developed, in the back of her mind was the question, “how could a picture come from a little piece of film in a dark room”. Being curious has always been a part of Tiffanney’s persona. At the same time, she is very adventurous and has cliff dived in El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico.

Some-time ago, Tiff’s late mother told and always reminded her that she was very curious. She let Tiffanney know that she saw the world through eyes that were not human. In other words, Tiffanney has a special gift of seeing through the eyes of God. Unknowingly to Tiffanney, her mother was actually speaking her future into existence.

Mrs. Pearson told her daughter that she had delicate eyes, and could see beauty in ugliness. She also stated to her daughter that she sees the world below the surface. Her mother let her know that her God given gift would one day take her to many places.

Since age 12, Tiffaney fell in love with capturing moments. Her ability to see the hidden beauty in an object or a scene came as natural as breathing. What others saw as worthless or dead, Tiff saw beauty, and the desire to capture the subject sprung forth like a race horse.

Like all successful photographers, Tiffanney wakes up every morning looking for or thinking about her next photographic adventure. No matter what she is doing, she is alert to a photographic opportunity. While driving, sitting in her yard, or even grocery shopping, Tiff’s mind is on the next moment and subject to capture. To say the least, Tiffanney was built for and endowed with the genes and thirst for both adventure and landscape photography.

In her own words, Tiffanney states, “My photography expresses, displays, and awakens one’s sight and emotion. It communicates and unspoken language from me to anyone that views it. My work it’s a mixture of landscape and waterscapes that the displays a quiet nature yet vivacious attitude that not only gives you peace but that spark to get you out and experience nature for yourself.

Today, Tiffanney go to camera is a Canon 70D. Her very first camera way back yonder was a Polaroid, then later a Minolta. Currently, her many photographic adventures have been in the states of Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Her motto, “Moments Preserved in Time” mirrors one of her business name, Holding On To Time.



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