Purpose of Advising

The purpose of college advising is to assist students in making informed decisions about their educational pathways and to connect students with the tools they need to be successful at Southeastern Community College.

The Role of Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors are available to work with students who have met the requirements of a particular program of study and are ready to enter that program.

Advising Tips for Students

  • Be prepared to choose your own classes! Advisors can only advise; they cannot select classes for you.
  • Look up the course schedule in advance in WebAdvisor before you come in to register! If you come in with a list of classes prepared, registration will be a much more efficient process.
  • Transfer students: know the requirements of the college you are wishing to transfer to! We cannot guarantee what courses another school will accept as part of their programs.
  • Ask for help! You may be surprised by what is available to you if you ask.

Student Responsibilities as Advisees

  • Schedule appointments to meet with your advisor on a regular basis to ensure you are on the right path (this includes calling to cancel or reschedule in a timely manner if necessary)
  • Know your graduation plan and graduation requirements
  • Come prepared with all relevant materials (including a copy of your graduation plan, information from your desired transfer institution(s) if appropriate, questions you may have, etc.)
  • Follow through with actions discussed during the advising session

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Maintain an open, caring, and professional environment
  • Be available to students through email and office hours
  • Be knowledgeable about program offerings, college policies and procedures, and graduation requirements
  • Assist students in developing educational and career goals
  • Refer students to appropriate campus resources to meet their academic needs

What is Early Alert?

The Early Alert Referral System at Southeastern Community College is a new process that began in fall 2012. Early Alert Referral System was implemented to help students succeed in their academic goals. Its purpose is to identify and help students at-risk of failing their classes or dropping out of school. Faculty members can refer students during the semester who show at least one risk factor, such as poor attendance or incomplete work, to one of the Student Success Center Counselors. A Student Success Center Counselor will follow up with the student by mail, email and/or phone call to set up an individualized advising meeting. With the Counselor, the student receives information about campus resources and completes an academic success plan that encourages goal setting and prioritizing needs.

Students who are contacted by the Early Alert Referral System should speak with one of the Student Success Center Counselors as soon as possible in order to maximize their likelihood of success here at Southeastern.