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QEP Topic 1: Develop, Design, and Deliver

Purpose:  is to improve learning by focusing on faculty development and course design.

  • Develop quality online courses by sponsoring Quality Matters professional activities for faculty.​
  • Design quality online courses using the Quality Matters framework. ​
  • Deliver quality online courses through continuous improvement based on student feedback and peer support.

The improvement of online learning though the implementation of Quality Matters should be the focus of the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan. In today’s climate every student enrolled will take at least one online course to graduate. This quality enhancement plan proposal if chosen will impact the success of every student at Southeastern Community College now and moving forward.

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QEP Introduction to Topic Proposal

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QEP Topic 2: I know….From Onboarding to Graduation

Purpose: to improve student learning and student success with initiatives from onboarding to graduation. Three strategies outlined in the proposal include:

  • increasing student exposure to program of study choices and designing key advising interventions as a continuing chronological process,
  •  requiring orientation in order to ensure students receive critical information for a successful start in college, and
  • requiring first semester enrollment in ACA 115/122 with major-specific cohorts and employing an ACA Coordinator to develop the curriculum and manage data collection and improvements, train all instructors who teach ACA, and strengthen the student-success team camaraderie.

These strategies will bring together three experiences central to student motivation: Self-efficacy, sense of belonging, and perceived value of the curriculum, allowing students to move forward with higher rates of success.

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