College Transfer Pathways

The North Carolina Community College System and the University of North Carolina System worked together to create the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA).  The CAA provides certain rights to community college students who transfer to one of the UNC universities.  Additionally, each university publishes bachelor degree plans (BDPs) that guide community college students as they select the community college classes that match with their intended major.  Transfer students should carefully follow the bachelor degree plan for their intended major and university.  Academic advisors at Southeastern Community College can help individual students make informed decisions about their degree options and course choices. 

The table below contains links to some sample transfer pathways based on bachelor degree plans for some popular degrees and universities in our region.  Advisors at Southeastern Community College are good at helping students develop individual pathways for students who are interested in other majors or other universities.  These pathways are designed using the appropriate bachelor degree plan. 

2018- 2019 Sample Transfer Pathways

Degree University
Middle Grades Education East Carolina University
Business Administration UNC – Pembroke
Marketing East Carolina University
UNC – Pembroke
Social Work BSW UNC – Pembroke
Elementary Education (History) UNC – Pembroke
English (Secondary Education) UNC – Pembroke
Psychology (BA) UNC – Pembroke

Links to previous transfer pathways may be found here.