Rams Pantry

The mission of the Rams Pantry is to provide temporary food assistance to currently enrolled SCC students at no cost. According to the College and University Food Bank Alliance, 1 in 5 college students face food insecurity, which can be not having enough food at home to not having food to eat during the school day. Unfortunately, food insecurities affect students from all demographic statuses, enrollment levels, geographic locations, and socioeconomic levels.

The SGA is committed to helping students receive the needed resources to ensure their academic journey at SCC is successful. One way we work toward achieving this goal is by maintaining the food pantry, so students can have access to food for their households and offer lunch/snacks for students who are financially unable to purchase food while on campus.

Who We Are

The Rams Pantry was initially established as a temporary campus resource in 2016 after Hurricane Matthew devastated so much of our communities. The pantry provided much-needed food, hygiene, and basic need items to students who were impacted by the storm and subsequent flooding.

In 2018, our communities were again impacted by another catastrophic storm, Hurricane Florence. The SGA reopened the pantry to aid our campus community as many of our students and staff struggled with finding food and basic necessities while dealing with the aftermath of the two storms. The SGA received approval to continue to operate the Rams Pantry as a permanent student resource on campus and soon the pantry had a permanent location.

Hours of Operation

The Rams Pantry is in Room 209, Nesmith Building and is available by appointment only.

Make an appointment by emailing Aspen Simmons at [email protected].

Who Can Use the Pantry?

The Rams Pantry is available for use by currently enrolled SCC students. Students can visit the pantry twice a month and must have their current SCC ID with them when visiting the pantry. Only one student per household can use the pantry and the amount of food distributed per student is based on the number in the household.

Rams Pantry Support

One of the struggles we are currently facing as a small, student-run pantry is finding resources for the much-needed pantry. After both hurricanes, we were fortunate to receive donations from community donors, college employees, other NC community colleges, and other sources to stock the pantry. We are extremely fortunate to have ongoing partnerships with Community CPR as well as The Harvest Table and value their commitment to serving our communities. The SCC faculty and staff are supportive of the Rams Pantry and the importance it plays in the success of their students.

Our SGA officers and SGA Advisor continually look for resources to help stock the pantry and maintain a supplemental food source for our campus community. If you would like information on how you can donate to the pantry, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Any support would be greatly appreciated!