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Southeastern Community College is approved by the Veterans Administration as a training facility for veterans. SCC coordinates services to veterans, dependents, guardsmen and reservists attending classes and receiving veterans benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the VA by phone at 1-888-GIBILL1, or visit the Education Service website. To receive veterans’ education benefits, you must be admitted as a degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student and adhere to the same tuition policies as other students. Benefit payments are sent directly to the veteran on a monthly basis and no advance payments are available.

  • The Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30): Active Duty Educational Assistance Program, generally for individuals who entered active duty after June 30, 1985 and served continuously for three years or by serving two years on active duty followed by four years of Selected Reserve. To be eligible, veterans must have contributed $1,200 during their first year of military service. Veterans or service personnel cannot withdraw money paid into the fund.
  • The Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 1606): Selected Reserve Educational Assistance Program, for members of the Reserve elements of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and the Air National Guard. To be eligible, reservist must have a six-year obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve signed after June 30, 1985. No contribution is required.
  • Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (Chapter 35): Educational assistance available to spouses and children of veterans who died or are permanently and totally disabled as the result of a service-related disability.
  • Disabled Veterans Assistance (Chapter 31): Vocational Rehabilitation for service-connected disability of 20 percent or greater. Benefit provides a monthly stipend and covers the cost of tuition, books and supplies. Eligibility is determined on an individual case basis.
  • Veterans Education Assistance Program (VEAP Chapter 32): For individuals who entered active duty service between January 1, 1977 and June 30, 1985 and served a continuous period of 181 days or more plus contributed toward the education program.
  • Vietnam Era GI Bill (Chapter 34): For individuals who entered active duty prior to December 31, 1976 and served a minimum of 181 days active duty after January 31, 1955. Benefits must have been used by January 1, 1990.

If you are eligible for VA benefits, contact Veterans Services for the appropriate VA application form that is necessary to activate your benefits: What documentation must accompany my application?

  • For veterans: Certified copy of DD214 (discharge papers)
  • For dependents: Certificate of Eligibility
  • For reservists: Copy of NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility)

What happens next?

The VA representative submits the original application and accompanying documentation to the Atlanta Regional Processing Center. Due to the volume of claims the ARPO processes, it can take up to 12 weeks to receive correspondence or a payment. Please be patient and do not inquire about your initial claim until at least 60 working days have passed. You may also access the Veteran’s Affairs Education Inquiry website.

Renewal is not automatic. You must contact Veteran Services once you register for the following term to re-activate your benefits and prevent a lapse in payment. Without a new enrollment form, your payments will stop. You must notify this office if you change your major, withdraw, or drop hours below the amount certified to the VA. Chapter 30 and 1606 veterans must verify their own monthly attendance to receive each check. Please choose one of these two ways to accomplish this:

  • Sign and return the Student Verification Form (22-8979) mailed to you, or
  • Dial the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system at 1.877.823.2378, or visit the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment Web site.

If you have remaining entitlement, contact Veteran Services for the appropriate VA application form necessary to re-activate your benefits.

Yes, students who are enrolled 3/4 time or more and training under Chapters 30, 31, 32, 35 and 1606 may be eligible for employment on a part-time basis. The non-taxable hourly rate is the prevailing federal or state minimum wage. Local Equal Employment Opportunity Offices and area Veterans Hospitals periodically hire VA Work-Study students.

More information is available on the Veteran Services web page.