Mission & Vision


Opening doors for our community through powerful partnerships that provide student-centered learning, workforce development, and cultural enrichment opportunities.


Developing an educated workforce that ensures our community is a thriving place to live, work and play.


Success – we believe an individual’s success becomes the success of the institution​

Integrity– we are committed to excellence and honesty in everything we do  

Respect– we promote inclusiveness, diversity, and compassion for all people​

Adaptability– we are responsive and innovative in meeting the needs of our students and community​

Collaboration – we work as a team fostering internal and external partnerships

Role and Scope

Southeastern Community College is an open-door higher education institution that is a part of the North Carolina Community College System. The College exists to improve the lives of Columbus County citizens, businesses, and industry through affordable, accessible, student-centered education and training. Offerings include pre-baccalaureate programs and applied technical diplomas, and certificates associated with business, health, public service, and engineering technologies. The College also offers basic skills and literacy education for students who need developmental work prior to or while attending the college.

The College partners with local secondary education systems to offer early college and technical education to qualifying high school students. The College also offers online classes and a variety of academic and support services.

To promote economic development in Columbus County, the college offers customized education and training for local businesses and industries through credit and continuing education, and a variety of workforce training programs.

As a part of the service to Columbus County, the College offers a variety of cultural enrichment opportunities through continuing education that improve the quality of life by focusing on continuous learning at any age.