About SCC

Opening Doors to Opportunities

Southeastern Community College is the heart of Columbus County, which is why our community is the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to develop an educated workforce that ensures our community is a thriving place to live, work and play. We work towards this vision by offering meaningful programs and services to our community beyond the exceptional educational opportunities we offer our students. Our investments both on and off-campus create a cycle of positive impact for this place we all call home.

We’re constantly striving to innovate and evolve to reach this community and every person in it. Ultimately we want the value we offer to increase over time, so we choose to think beyond today’s perception of community college to what Southeastern can be tomorrow and beyond. This means we aren’t confined to conventional thinking and can create the kind of college that will best serve our students and our community.

Our one-college model means that every student we work with has the opportunity to go as far as he or she can. We’re not limited by the silos of degree-seeking or workforce continuing education classes. Instead, we offer personalized career counseling to our students and craft individual paths that help them achieve their goals, whatever they are. That means students are heard, known, and served in ways that change lives and impact our community.

Chartered on February 6, 1964, SCC is a public, comprehensive community college providing accessible educational, cultural, and social opportunities. Over 100 occupational and liberal arts curriculum certificates, diplomas, and degrees are offered by the college.

The 251-acre campus is on the Chadbourn Highway between Whiteville and Chadbourn in southeastern North Carolina. SCC is a one-hour drive from the historic cities of Wilmington and Fayetteville, North Carolina, as well as the beaches of both North and South Carolina.

For questions about specific program accreditations or approvals please contact us. For other questions about Southeastern Community College please contact Help Center at [email protected].