Southeastern Community College (SCC), the heart of Columbus County, is excited to announce that spring registration is now open, offering diverse opportunities for students to chart their path towards success. With the campaign slogan “Come as you are, see what you become,” SCC invites both current and prospective students to take the first step in their educational journey.

This spring, SCC is proud to provide a wide range of programs, including high-demand trades and skill enhancement courses. Whether you’re looking to advance your career in public safety, healthcare, cybersecurity, or a variety of other fields, SCC has the perfect program for you. We even offer options for those interested in transferring to a four-year university, opening doors to degrees in Business, Healthcare, Social Work, Engineering, and more.

“At SCC, we believe that education should be accessible to all, and our one-college model allows every student to go as far as they can dream,” said Dr. Chris English, President of SCC. “We’re not limited by the silos of degree-seeking or continuing education tracks. Our vision is to develop an educated workforce that ensures our community is a thriving place to live, work, and play.”

Spring classes are set to begin on January 8, 2024, but the opportunity to register starts now. We encourage students to register before the holidays to secure the classes they need and explore financial assistance options. For most students, SCC offers free tuition, making higher education truly affordable.

Parents, take note – SCC is extending its reach to local high schools, offering FREE college classes to help your students get ahead or explore their educational options. Don’t let this valuable opportunity pass by. Encourage your students to take advantage of this incredible offer.

For more information on SCC’s spring 2024 classes and to register today, visit SCC’s Website. Your future begins now at SCC.

SCC, your community servant, is here to guide, lead, and inspire you on your educational journey. We listen, make everyone feel welcome, and understand your aspirations. Join us this spring and see what you can become.