Southeastern Community College is thrilled to unveil a special exhibition at the Wyche Gallery, welcoming students, faculty, staff, and the broader community. This event showcases the remarkable journey of Sandra Whittemore, a beloved SCC alumna, as she embarks on an extraordinary Indigenous Dress Tour throughout the entire month of November, coinciding with Native American Heritage Month. Sandra’s collection comprises 13 stunning Lumbee, Beaded Buckskin, and Haudenosaunee style regalia, blending local and international designs.

Each stop on Sandra’s tour holds profound significance in her life:

  • Week 1 – Fairmont: A glimpse into her cherished childhood home
  • Week 2 – SCC: Where she earned her RN degree, a pivotal moment in her life
  • Week 3 – UNC Southeastern: The place of her first nursing job
  • Week 4 – Fayetteville: Where she met her husband and established her life for over 40 years

The SCC leg of Sandra’s Indigenous Dress Tour mirrors the remarkable narrative of her professional and personal journey. During her visit to SCC, she had the opportunity to explore our Nursing Simulation Lab. Sandra, an SCC graduate from the class of 1969, achieved her Registered Nurse qualification at 19 years old, becoming part of SCC’s second graduating class in the Nursing Program.

SCC is honored to host Sandra Whittemore’s Indigenous Dress Tour in the Wyche Galley located in A-Building, open to the public.

This extraordinary tour offers a glimpse into Sandra Whittemore’s incredible journey and heritage, and SCC is privileged to be a part of it. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these stunning Indigenous dresses that celebrate her legacy and cultural heritage.