‘Industry-recognized certification’ – SCC students become Hyundai certified technicians

When Hyundai reached out to Southeastern Community College automotive instructor Johnny O’Connell, he took that opportunity to make his students valuable to the automotive workforce. The online module-based certification takes 15 to 20 hours to complete, and it qualifies students to work at any Hyundai dealership.  

O’Connell said the certification takes 46 modules to complete. Even if students did not want to work at a Hyundai dealership, O’Connell said that completing the certification is worth it because car parts and electrical work are so similar between manufacturers.  

O’Connell explained that Hyundai created this online program for college students because of the automotive technician workforce shortage. This would create a pipeline for students to meet those workforce needs.  

“This is an industry-recognized certification,” O’Connell said. “This drastically increases your chance with getting a job with Hyundai.” 

Zachary King, one of O’Connell’s students who completed the certification, said he learned more about how electricity flows in a circuit, new technology in electric cars, how Hyundai cars are built and work order management.  

In addition to O’Connell’s automotive class, SCC’s other automotive instructor, David Higgins, made Hyundai certification available to his students. Higgins said he used the Hyundai certification as a test grade in his class. 

“It’s a significant advancement in their ability to get a job,” said Dr. Chris English, SCC President. “Any time we can take an industry partner – a manufacturer like this specifically – connect their third-party credentials to our educational training, it just empowers the student even more.” 

English explained that when SCC’s new 25,000 sq. foot automotive facility is completed, it will attract additional car manufacturers to Columbus County. SCC will be a training space to relay those technical skills from those car manufacturers. 

O’Connell said that Ford certification is next on the list of manufacturers for SCC students.  

Hyundai is displayed on the computer screen.