Southeastern Community College and Whiteville city officials assembled at Whiteville City Hall Friday, Nov. 17, to recognize Whiteville Police Department’s donation of a Dodge Charger car and two bikes to the college’s basic law enforcement training program.  

“This is an example of a very powerful partnership and how our community is coming out to support us,” said Dr. Sylvia Cox, SCC Executive Vice President. “In turn, we’re able to support our community even better.” 

SCC President Dr. Chris English reinforced the college’s gratitude to the City of Whiteville and its support of helping train future classes of police officers.  

“We’re so excited about this partnership, and we hope to continue this partnership for years to come because we definitely need good law enforcement,” said Jimmy Clarida, Whiteville Mayor Pro Tem. “This will help them in training, and we need more officers on the street.” 

City Manager Darren Currie said the city is actively recruiting police officers and recognized the current staff shortages around the county.  

“Unfortunately, younger folks are not wanting to go into the policing side of things,” Currie said. “So, anything we can do to help recruit or help produce those individuals for us and our neighbors, that’s what we’re going to try to do as the City of Whiteville.” 

Whiteville Police Chief Doug Ipock said the donation was “exciting for us” because the police department supports the BLET program at SCC. Acquiring the support of the Whiteville City Council, Ipock said the donation was another opportunity for the city and college to partner.  

“Thank you to the Whiteville City Council, Mayor Pro Tem and Chief Ipock for this generous donation,” said Fabian Hewett, SCC BLET instructor. “We will put it to good use and make sure the officers are trained properly with this donation.”