SCC’s December 2023 Practical Nursing class passes NCLEX with 100% success rate

The Southeastern Community College Practical Nursing class of December 2023 passed their National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX with a 100% pass rate. This 18-member class is the third class in a row to pass their state boards with 100% success on the first attempt.  

Director of Nursing Jessica Hill said the PN program is a one-year program that spans three semesters in spring, summer and fall. All NCLEXs were taken between their graduation and the first week of February. She said the December 2023 graduates are all employed or heading back to school.  

“We had a very diverse and resilient class to graduate in December,” Hill said. “I’m very proud of them. Many of them persevered through personal struggles while in nursing school. They never gave up. They always kept pushing forward toward their goals.” 

Hill described the class as “determined and focused” despite the challenges of life and the course rigor. She said the class “always seemed to rise to the occasion.”  

“The licensed practical nurse works alongside the registered nurse as an integral part of the healthcare team,” Hill said. “LPNs can work in a variety of healthcare settings. These most recent graduates are working for urgent care practices, home health companies, long term care and rehab facilities, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. Some of them received jobs caring for patients in unique areas such as a school, a dermatology office, and orthopedics. There are so many opportunities for LPNs in our local workforce.” 

Licensed Practical Nurses participate in decision making with the Registered Nurse when determining, planning, implementing, and evaluating the nursing care needs for patients. Typical duties or skills for an LPN include administering medications, drawing blood, monitoring vital signs, logging patient medical history, changing dressings, along with many other nursing skills.  

“The 100% pass rate lends itself to the quality of students choosing Southeastern Community College for their nursing education. The nursing faculty at SCC are certainly a major part of this success as well,” Hill said. “They work hard to make sure these students are prepared to take the most important exam which allows them to join the workforce.” 

Hill explained that the December 2023 class was the first practical nursing class to take the next generation format of the NCLEX PN, which was implemented in April 2023. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing updated nursing licensure exams to reflect years of research surrounding nursing practice and clinical judgement. The exam is computerized and uses algorithms to procedurally generate exam questions based upon the exam taker’s knowledge. No two exams are the same.  

“Before the change, students may have only seen multiple choice questions or “select all that apply” questions,” Hill said. “Now, they are seeing alternate format questions such as case studies that include patient scenarios. The new testing format helps to ensure that new nurses are ready to care for patients safely.”