Southeastern Community College (SCC) is proud to announce its selection as one of the 18 colleges chosen to participate in Project Vision’s fourth cohort, generously supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This prestigious initiative aims to catalyze proposal submissions from 2-Year Colleges (2YCs) not previously associated with Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE) programs.  

“Being selected for Project Vision’s fourth cohort is a testament to SCC’s unwavering commitment to innovation and the growth of our community. We are excited to partner with the National Science Foundation in this transformative initiative. Together, we will foster an environment of excellence and opportunity for our students, ensuring they are well-prepared to thrive in high-tech fields. This collaboration reaffirms our vision of creating a brighter, more prosperous future for our community through education and innovation,” said President Dr. Chris English. 

Project Vision’s mission is to provide expertise to diverse, small, rural colleges and institutions with newer leadership, enabling them to generate innovative ideas that result in award-worthy NSF proposals. The program offers support at all levels of a college ecosystem, from Board of Trustees and college Presidents to administrators, faculty, and staff. This support extends to professional development activities, helping these entities understand the merits of the NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program and other DUE programs. Each college in the cohort will receive the necessary support to enhance their capacity and consistently submit proposals to the ATE Program and other DUE Programs. 

Project Vision is led by a seasoned team of ATE experts, a former college president/CEO, senior college administrators, and former NSF program officers, who conduct on-site analysis and provide follow-up services to help each college build STEM and grant capacity. 

The 18 colleges selected for this initiative are as follows: 

  • Cleveland State Community College 
  • Clovis Community College 
  • Colorado Mountain College 
  • Community College of Vermont 
  • East Mississippi Community College 
  • Florida SouthWestern State College 
  • Grand Rapids Community College 
  • James A. Rhodes State College 
  • Jefferson College 
  • McDowell Technical Community College 
  • North Central Texas College 
  • Pensacola State College 
  • Prairie State College 
  • Richard Bland College 
  • Southeastern Community College, NC 
  • University of Arkansas Community College at Hope-Texarkana 
  • Ventura College 
  • Wharton County Junior College 


The National Science Foundation’s ATE Program places a strong emphasis on two-year colleges, focusing on the education of technicians for high-technology fields that drive our nation’s economy. The program encourages partnerships between academic institutions and industry to enhance the education of science and engineering technicians at the undergraduate and secondary school levels. This support extends to curriculum development, professional development of college faculty and secondary school teachers, career pathways from secondary schools to two-year colleges, and from two-year colleges to four-year institutions, and various other activities. 

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