Transitional Studies paves way for digital literacy with $35,000 grant

The North Carolina Community College System is breaking barriers between technology use and student success with the Digital Navigator Grant. Southeastern Community College’s Transitional Studies program was one of 20 community colleges awarded the federally funded $35,000 grant to purchase laptops, hire training personnel and host workshops. 

“As you know, helping students to be successful in their programs of study often depends on their ability to use technology and digital information effectively,” the System Office wrote to the grant recipients.  

SCC’s Transitional Studies Director Veronica Powell said the main purpose of the grant is to provide digital literacy skills in teaching people how to use a computer. She wants people to feel more comfortable around technology.  

“The platform we’re using is called Northstar Digital Literacy Program,” Powell said. “It’s an online training program that teaches how to use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Telehealth, email and web browsing. Once a section is completed, that person receives a certificate.” 

Powell explained that the Transitional Studies program will host workshops on SCC’s campus and at community centers around Columbus County. Latonya Worley will be the workshop’s digital navigator at each location, and all testing must be completed under her supervision to count towards a certificate. The workshops are open to Transitional Studies students and the public.  

“They’re going to be more marketable with these certificates,” Powell said. “They’ll have more confidence in their ability to use a computer, and it should help everybody in the long run.” 

Powell said that certificates can be listed on resumes and job applications that require proof of computer skills. Contact Powell at [email protected] to learn more about the program and details on signing up.