Program Description

Students who complete this program will receive extensive training to prepare them for a career analyzing the chemical and cellular composition of blood and bodily fluids. Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) are responsible for disease and cancer research, analyzing bacteria, and trauma care, such as prescribing units of blood for injured patients, without maintaining the consistent contact with patients that physicians, nurses and other hospital staff do.

MLTs typically work under a Medical Technologist (MT), assisting with preparing slides of cells, tissues, and blood, using laboratory equipment and helping to identify abnormalities in samples.Coursework emphasizes scientific and mathematical elements in microbiology, hematology and chemistry.

Students are encouraged to contact admission counselors early and maintain effective communication with their advisor in order to ensure the completion of prerequisite courses and general education requirements.

Graduates are eligible for national certification via an accredited exam provided by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, administered by Southeastern Community College.

Career Opportunities

Due to a national shortage of MLTs in conjunction with an aging population in the coastal region, the local demand for laboratory professionals is growing. Placement for MLTs possesses a fairly high rate, and potential employment for students who complete this program include placement in local healthcare laboratories in hospitals, medical offices and research facilities.

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Dawn Williamson

Medical Lab Technology Instructor

(910) 788-6377