Veteran’s History Project

The Veterans’ Oral History Project began with the unanimous support of Public Law 106-380 in both the United States House of Representatives and Senate. The legislation was signed into law by President Clinton on October 27, 2000.

The Veterans’ Oral History Act gave the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress the authority to create a program to collect and preserve the personal stories of American war veterans. Since the enactment of Public Law 106-380, volunteers, groups, and agencies throughout the United States have been interviewing veterans and recording their stories through audio and videotapes.

In Fall 2005, Southeastern Community College (SCC) formed a committee to plan and develop a program for recording the oral histories of Columbus County and SCC veterans. Mr. James Fowler, Dean of Students at SCC at the time, conducted the first interview in February 2006. A copy of the videotaped interview and Biographical Data Form for each veteran is given to the Williamson Library and Library of Congress. Sharing the information provides local and nationwide access to veterans’ military experiences.

The local Veterans History Project Collection is on reserve at the Circulation Desk in the Williamson Library. Patrons may view the taped interviews in the Library or online through the Library of Congress Veterans History Project site.

The following list gives the name of each veteran with his/her branch of service, dates of service, and a link to his/her collection and interview. Search the list by name, or sort by branch of service or date.

For more information about the ongoing Veterans History Project, call Bill Maultsby.