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Early College Student Receives gift for Masonry

Early College – SCC Student

Columbus Career & College Academy Early College student, Annayeli Aguayo-Dionisio recently received a Stabila Level Kit, which is a heavy-duty level set with high-performance features. Annayeli is a Senior who has excelled, particularly in Masonry, in her studies. The gift was purchased from a grant that was given in Fall 2020 from Rush Masonry Management.

The gift was a surprise and came after the completion of a spiral brick column with practice mortar. The column was so well built and well-received that she is planning to build a permanent one on the campus of Southeastern Community College. “It will symbolize the unity between SCC and CCCA,” said Instructor, Fred Mason.

Fred Mason is the Early College Masonry instructor and advisor for SkillsUSA. Mason, who has been teaching Annayeli for 4 years, shared “She is one of those rare gems and helps out in so many ways. As a freshman, I saw the potential in her strong work ethic. She quickly established herself as a leader and a team player.” He continued, “Annayeli won the class tool ID contest and was the freshman masonry class champion. She competed in various masonry contests, even winning the level 1 Region 4 SkillsUSA Masonry contest and the RCCC contest. She went on to place in the top 10 in State competition and fourth place in the H.A. Hardy Masonry contest.”

Annayeli shared that she learned her skills from family members who were also in the trade and that she is excited to start on her final senior project. After graduation, she plans to earn her construction management credentials.

“Each time I walk by the practice column located in the center of campus it reminds me of the great work Early College and SCC are jointly doing and how important it is to gain the skills needed to join the workforce,” said Dr. Chris English, SCC President. “I look forward to Annayeli building a permanent spiral column on campus as a long-lasting reminder to others.”

Early College was permanently moved to the SCC campus in Fall 2020. The Early College program application for enrollment is open and all applications are due by April 16, 2021.