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Rams on the Run Brings Awareness to Mental Health

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, Southeastern Community College hosted the first Rams on the Run 5K.

As part of SCC’s strategic plan, the Health and Wellness committee was charged with creating and maintaining a culture that supports and promotes the overall health and wellness of students, employees, and the community.

This year, the focus was on bringing awareness to emotional health – the ability to be self-aware and cope with challenges and needs while developing overall resilience. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected many in our community and the college feels that it’s important to support those struggling with mental health and recognize the signs that may lead to a decline in emotional stability.

There were over 100 in attendance for the fun-filled morning.


Top Overall 1st Place Female Winner – Andrea Nance 24:20

Top Overall 1st Place Male Winner – Boyd Worley 30:23

Ages 0-14 Years

1st Place Female- Elia Snyder

1st Place Male – Sean Clewis

2nd Place Female – Cora Snyder

2nd Place Male – Hampton Snyder

No runners/walkers for ages 15-29 requested to be timed, so there were no winners in these age categories.

Ages 30-39 Years

1st Place Female – Faith Todd

1st Place Male – Boyd Worley

2nd Place Female – Larissa Campbell

2nd Place Male – Grant Merritt

3rd Place Female – Wendy Shaver

3rd Place Male – Joey Russ

Ages 40-49 Years

1st Place Female – Andrea Nance

1st Place Male – Josh Snyder

2nd Place Female – Coma Robinson

3rd Place Female – Denise Young

(no 2nd or 3rd place male runners in age category)

Ages 50-59 Years

1st Place Female – Jeanette Inman

1st Place Male – John McPherson

2nd Place Female – Barbara Cambell

2nd Place Male – Chris English

Ages 60+ Years

1st Place Female – Kay Inman

2nd Place Female – Nancy Dudley

(no male runners timed in this age category)

View photos from the day:

Rams on the Run 5K 2022