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College 4 Kids Summer Camp Brings Cultural Enrichment to SCC

After a more than 25-year hiatus, College 4 Kids made its return with a four-day camp that saw 88 children, ages 7 through 12, disperse across the SCC campus on June 26-29. Children participated in a variety of activities ranging from drone flying to firetruck operation, first aid, fishing, beadery, canoeing, computer game creation, karate, painting and more. 

MLT Program Director Dawn Williamson was the camp coordinator, and she said that hard work paid off to have a successful week.  

“They’ve had a really good time, so I’m pleased,” Williamson said. “I wanted them to be safe and have a good time, and that’s what we did.” 

Williamson explained that lunch was provided by Whiteville City Schools’ summer lunch program. Classes ran from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. with a snack time included.  

Williamson’s favorite part about College 4 Kids was canoeing. She was glad to see the college’s pond in use. She enjoyed seeing children have a good time and see what the college can offer them. 

Executive Vice President Dr. Sylvia Cox said that College 4 Kids is one of the highlights of her summer with seeing children gain exposure to different aspects of the college.   

“It’s a variation of cultural enrichment and career exploration, and it helps their overall wellness and health,” Cox said. “They’re getting exposed to drones and firetrucks, and it’s starting to plant the seed of finding out what they’re interested in. It just lights up my heart to see them. It is so much fun!” 

Cox explained that children speak without any inhibitions and “start to tell you what they love.” She said that camp activities can help the children find out what career they are interested in.  

“There’s no better place to do this than at the college,” Cox said. “It’s an opportunity for them to start thinking about themselves as a college student even though they’re young. We really want them to see that this is their home college because it’s more than just an educational institution. It’s a community institution.” 

Cox said she has learned so much from the campers by seeing them “light up and ask great questions.” She said that everyone needs to listen to what children have to say because “they have something great to teach us every day.” 

“It’s been really cool,” said Terrie Priest, SCC Foundation Director. “I’ve been an escort, and we had art today. So, I’ve got paint all over my white paints.” 

Priest said the kids were fun to be around because they were excited to be on a college campus. She said it has been enjoyable to watch them interact with each other.