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SCC Strengthening Industry Partnerships at Manufacturing Breakfast

Southeastern Community College (SCC)  hosted a Manufacturing Breakfast on Friday, June 9th, bringing together industry partners to celebrate their collaboration and discuss opportunities for workforce development. The event featured Jim Flock, Chairman of the Cape Fear Workforce Development Board (CFWDB) and General Manager of Blair-HSM, as the guest speaker.

The CFWDB serves as the primary convener of the workforce system, facilitating collaboration between industry, education, labor, community, government, and other stakeholders. In partnership with SCC and the NCWorks Career Centers, the CFWDB delivers workforce solutions, assists job seekers, and helps businesses develop a qualified workforce.

The Manufacturing Breakfast aimed to express appreciation to industry partners and raise public awareness of the manufacturing sector. It also provided a platform to discuss apprenticeships and customized training programs. Over 20 individuals from 10 local businesses attended the event, underscoring the significance of manufacturing in the region.

Ryan Todd, Director of Customized and Industrial Training at SCC, highlighted the benefits of becoming an industry partner, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing workforce needs and promoting career opportunities in manufacturing. Interested individuals can contact Ryan Todd at (910) 788-6232 or [email protected].

The Manufacturing Breakfast showcased the strong partnership between SCC, the CFWDB, and local businesses, demonstrating their commitment to developing a skilled workforce aligned with regional economic growth. By fostering these partnerships, SCC and the CFWDB are driving the advancement of the manufacturing sector in the Cape Fear Region, ensuring a prosperous future for all stakeholders involved.