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SCC’s Pamela Young-Jacobs Named Innovative Director of the Year 


Pamela Young-Jacobs has been named Innovative Director of the Year in the NC LEAD Program. Young-Jacobs is the Director of the Small Business Center Network in Columbus County.  

Annually, directors around North Carolina are judged for the opportunity to win awards in excellence, collaboration, and community service.  Two winners are chosen in each category. LEAD is a Leadership Enhancement and Development it is taught by the SBTDC.  The LEAD program is an engaging and intensive opportunity to:

  • Learn more about yourself as a leader
  • Set meaningful personal and professional development goals
  • Build skills to help you effectively lead others and to manage change in your organization.

There are 58 Small Business Center Network Directors in North Carolina.

Each year directors are judged on excellence, collaboration and community service awards. There are 2 winners in each category. Young-Jacobs won in the excellence award category for most innovative Director of the year. “This particular award is judged on the number of services, new implementations, outreach, partnerships, and how the work positively impacts my community,” said Young-Jacobs. 

Young-Jacobs was also the only new director in North Carolina to receive level 1-2 credentialing in the first year.