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SCC Lifts COVID Mask Requirements


On Friday, May 14, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced in Executive Order 214 the following changes are in place for North Carolina with some limited exceptions:

  • No statewide mask (face covering) mandate
  • No mandatory mass gathering limits
  • No mandatory capacity limits
  • No mandatory social distancing requirements

Effective immediately, Southeastern Community College will not impose any additional restrictions beyond those in the executive order. Face coverings and other social distancing protocols, while still encouraged for unvaccinated people, will not be required.

The college will still work to ensure the health and safety of our college campus.

It’s important to note the following:

  • The SCC Child Development Center staff members, students working in the CDC, and visitors to the CDC must continue to wear face coverings until otherwise notified. College employees working the CDC for any reason must also wear a face-covering while inside the facility.
  • Masks are still required in public schools, childcare, K-12 schools, prisons, and certain public health settings
  • If you teach in person at a public school, you should adhere to the requirements of that instructional site.
  • Nothing prevents employees or students from continuing to wear face coverings if they choose to do so.
  • Individuals should not be asked to disclose their vaccination status or why they are wearing a face covering. This is private information and should be respected at all times.
  • The college is planning to keep hand sanitizing stations in place and filled to encourage frequent hand-washing/hand sanitizing use

Please be patient as our employees and students make their own decisions about how to continue to protect themselves on campus.

Please continue to report COVID-19 exposure and diagnosis to SCC Human Resources by calling (910) 788-6310.