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SCC Students Make History as First Apprentices


It was a big day for four students at Southeastern Community College.

Kisa McDuffie, Karizma Washington, Terrell Cokley,  and Meghan Nance have made commitments to join Columbus Regional Healthcare System as apprentices. Four students made history as they joined the first apprenticeship program in Columbus County.

“This is a day that will go down in history,” said Dr. Chris English, SCC President. “It’s also a day that begins a month of recognition where women have made an impact in history. These four remarkable women who are on a career path today, we celebrate women making history. Today, we recognize four remarkable women who are on a career path that will accelerate them, accelerate the community, and change their lives forever. Today is a game-changer for Columbus County.”

Columbus Regional Healthcare System is one of the largest employers in Columbus County. The four students will work as clinical medial assistants.

“There’s opportunity local,” said Jason Beck, CEO. “At CRHS, one of our state initiatives is to invest in our community by investing in talent. We want to improve access to care which means we need top talent.” Beck expressed his appreciativeness of the college and Columbus Regional partnering together to create a strong workforce.

“We are very excited that you have witnessed history today,” said Sylvia Cox, Executive Vice President. “And I promise you, we are just getting started. We could not have done it without this amazing partnership with CRHS. These individuals are not just choosing a job: they are choosing a career, a team and a group of people who are credible and will invest in them and care for them,” Cox said. “That is what makes apprenticeship so different from anything else.”

The mission at Southeastern Community College is opening doors for our community through powerful partnerships that provide student-centered learning, workforce development, and cultural enrichment opportunities. The college is committed to developing an educated workforce that ensures our community is a thriving place to live, work, and play.

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