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SCC Will Host Rams Run 5K


Southeastern Community College is hosting a Spring 5K event on Saturday, May 21.  

All alum, employees, supporters, and friends of the college are invited to come to campus, have fun, and bring friends/families.

As part of SCC’s strategic plan, the Health and Wellness committee is charged with creating and maintaining a culture that supports and promotes the overall health and wellness of students, employees, and the community.

This year, the focus is on bringing awareness to emotional health – the ability to be self-aware and cope with challenges and needs while developing overall resilience. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has affected many in our community and the college feels that it’s important to support those struggling with mental health and recognize the signs that may lead to a decline in emotional stability.


Participation in the 5K is FREE.  You MUST register to participate.


We have amazing vendors that will be in the inner circle in front of campus. If you are interested in sponsoring or becoming a vendor at our first Rams Run 5K, please reach out to Amanda Formyduval at [email protected].

Registration has closed.

For more information about the Rams Run 5K, visit or call (910) 788-6206.