Electrical Engineering Technology

Program Description

The Electrical Engineering Technology course of study prepares students to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in electrical maintenance and management or in the design, planning, construction, development, and installation of electrical systems, machines and power-generating equipment. The curriculum includes instruction in electrical circuitry, prototype development and testing, systems analysis and testing, systems maintenance, instrument calibration and report preparation.

Coursework will include the study and application of mathematics, natural science, engineering sciences and technology.

University Transfer

East Carolina University Technology Transfer Program

UNC-Charlotte Transfer Program

Electrical engineering technicians install and maintain electrical control systems and equipment, and modify electrical prototypes, parts, and assemblies to correct problems. When testing systems, they set up equipment and evaluate the performance of developmental parts, assemblies, or systems under simulated conditions. They then analyze test information to resolve design-related problems. Potential careers available for graduates include, but are not limited to Biomedical Equipment Technicians, Computer, Automated Teller and Office Machine Technicians, Computer Support Specialists, Customer Service Engineers, Electronic Technician, Engineering Technicians, Field Service Technicians, Manufacturing Technicians, or Test Engineers/Technologists.


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