Anthony_ClarkeWelcome to Southeastern Community College! We’re glad you are here. I want to assure you of two things. First, whether you are pursuing a degree or other credential or you are improving your skills for the workplace, we recognize that you are critical to our success. We have adopted the slogan, SUCCEEDING TOGETHER, to communicate that we want to work with you to achieve your goals. We are successful when you are successful. That does not mean that everything will be easy, or that you will get all the grades that you want, or that you will agree with all of our decisions. It does mean that we will work with you to help you succeed. We know that it is only when you achieve your goals that we achieve ours.

Second, I want you to challenge yourself to complete your degree. In your life you will need the technical knowledge to do your job. However, to be truly effective, successful, and to enjoy life, you will need the ability to communicate, write, do math, think critically and understand and work with others in an increasingly complex and diverse world. This second set of skills is developed and enhanced by completing coursework that challenges you to learn and evaluate new ideas. You will develop the ability to think and learn as you take all of the courses required for an associate’s degree.

Finally, I want you to know that Southeastern is dedicated to serving all of Columbus County and its surrounding communities. We are focused on improving the educational attainment of the citizens of our region and being a key player in the economic development of Columbus County and southeastern North Carolina.

Thanks for visiting our web site to learn more about SCC. I hope you will join us so we can SUCCEED TOGETHER.

Dr. Anthony Clarke